GeoService GmbH Geologisch-Technische Dienstleistungen
 I.                                    The company GeoService GmbH
The     GeoService     Geologisch-Technische     Dienstleistungen     GmbH     (GeoService geological-technical   services   ltd.)    was   founded   in   2007   by   Dipl.-Geologist   Egbert   Ernst in   Georgsdorf   (Bad   Bentheim)/Germany.   Quickly   the   company   earned   an   excellent reputation as service provider at deep drilling sites. In   2017   the   company's   headquarter   moved   to   Aurich   (Ostfriesland)/Germany.   As   of that   year   Dipl.-Geologist   Erwin   Dirks   has   been   managing   director   while   Mr.   E.   Ernst went    into    retirement.    Mr.    Dirks    had    been    working    for    more    than    20    years    as mudlogger and assistant drilling technician (ADT) both on-shore and off-shore. GeoService    is    member    of    BG    RCI    (Accident    Prevention    &    Insurance    Association resources   and   chemial   industry),   of   Bundesverband   Erdgas,   Erdöl   und   Geoenergie e.V.     (BVEG),     of     Geothermische     Vereinigung     e.     V.     (Geothermal     association     in Germany)    and    of    Stichting    Platform    Geothermie    (Geothermal    energy    in    the Netherlands). GeoService   is   certificated   according   the   rules   of   SCC*   by   TÜV   Nord   (Safety   Certificate Contractors).   The   certification   focuses   on   their   management   of   health,   safety   and environmental protection (HSE).
II.                                                  Our staff (a) The geological department GeoService   engages   very   skilled   and   competent   employees.   The   graduated   geologists   have more   than   10   years   of   experience   and   have   according   experience   as   mudloggers   on   deep drilling   sites.   They   have   proficiency   in   the   regional   geology   of   the   South   German   and Austrian   Molasse,   of   the   North   German   and   Dutch   Plains   and   about   the   geology   of   salt domes. All   our   geologists   are   fluent   in   German   and   English   (some   are   IELTS   certified)   and   some also   have   knowledge   in   Dutch,   French   and   Spanish.   All   operatively   working   employees have   certificates   in   SCC   and   are   educated   in   first   aid.   All   underground   working   geologists have regularly renewed medical certificates.
GeoService   has   a   technical   service.   The   technical   department   is   responsible   for   rig   up        and   rig   down   the   mudlogging   units,   calibration   of   all   sensors   and   the   maintenance   of both   while   drilling.   The   technicians   furthermore   survey   the   correct   data   processing   on deep   drilling   sites.   This   service   is   available   24/7   for   both   the   geologist   on   site   but   also for   clients   in   their   offices.   In   this   way   the   desires   and   special   requirements   of   clients but also the smooth flow of a job is guaranteed. The   technical   service   is   responsible   for   the   utilisability   of   measurement   devices   such as   gas   detectors   for   methane,   hydrogen   sulphide   or   carbon   dioxide.   All   devices   used at   drill   site   will   be   tested   extensively   in   an   in-house   workshop   and   all   results   will   be documented.
( b) The technical department
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